25 abr 2017
Spain-Brazil Business Meeting

CEOE participated in the Spain-Brazil Business Meeting to analyse business opportunities

Within the framework of Mariano Rajoy’s official visit to Brazil

Mariano Rajoy opened the meeting and the Vice-president of CEOE, Joaquim Gay de Montellà, analysed the business opportunities in some of Brazil’s strategic business sectors.

Mariano Rajoy in the Spain-Brazil Business Meeting
Mariano Rajoy in the Spain-Brazil Business Meeting — ©CEOE

The Vice-President of CEOE and President of CEOE’s Commission of International Relations, Joaquim Gay de Montellà, participated in the Spain-Brazil Business Meeting, inaugurated by the president of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, on the occasion of his state visit to Sao Paulo. The event was organized by the ICEX, CEOE and Spain’s Chamber of Commerce. Gay de Montellà, together with the Head of the President’s Office and of the Institutional Relations Department, Narciso Casado Martín, also held a meeting with Brazilian authorities, to analyse the progress of negotiations over a potential EU-MERCOSUR agreement.

Spain-Brazil business meeting

The Vice-President of CEOE participated in the Spain-Brazil Business Meeting, inaugurated by Mariano Rajoy, to talk about the business opportunities in key sectors of the Brazilian economy, such as aeronautics, renewable energy and transport infrastructure. He also discussed the various investment projects involving Spanish companies in Brazil. On the Spanish side, among others, the following personalities participated in the meeting: the Secretary of State for Commerce, Marisa Poncela; the Director General of International Trade and Investments, José Luis Kaiser; and the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, José Luis Bonet. On the Brazilian side, there were speeches from the Ministers of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services, Marcos Antonio Pereira, and his counterpart in Foreign Affairs, Aloysio Nunes Ferreira; among many other personalities.

Gay de Montellà highlighted during his talk that Brazil is a strategic market for Spanish companies, both because of its economic importance and because of its demographic weight. He reported that in 2015, the Latin American country was the third most important destination of Spanish investments worldwide and the first in Latin America, with a cumulative investment of forty-five million euros. Regarding turnover for the year, Spanish subsidiaries in Brazil accounted for 12.6% of the total for all Spanish subsidiaries abroad, placing Brazil as the third most important worldwide and the first of the countries outside the European Union.

Spanish companies are clearly committed to this market, as attested by their presence in key markets such as telecommunications, finance, infrastructure or energy. In fact, Gay de Montellà highlighted the participation of Spanish companies in projects that have been carried out in the country, in fields such as banking, telephony, electricity distribution or the operation of wind power plants and gas pipelines. In this regard, he also mentioned the outstanding role played by our companies in the manufacture of high-power wind turbines and automotive components.