07 mar 2018
International Women’s Day

CEOE organized the meeting “The future includes women’s names”

Ana Plaza believes education is one of the essential pillars to achieve equality

The general secretary of CEOE, Ana Plaza, highlighted education as one of the fundamental pillars for the socialization of gender roles at any age, making it an essential field in which to intervene in order to move forward towards equality between men and women: Ms Plaza said this at the opening of the meeting organized by CEOE, under the slogan "The future includes women’s names", on the occasion of International Women's Day.

Meeting “The future includes women’s names”
Meeting “The future includes women’s names” — ©CEOE

This CEOE meeting saw the participation of around forty high school students who were representing “Inspiring Girls”, an organization that aims to "inspire" the women of the future and foster things such as increasing self-esteem and encouraging high professional ambitions in school-aged girls, as well as improving their job expectations.