14 nov 2017
"empresario" magazine

CEOE launches ‘Empresario’ (Entrepreneur), a quarterly magazine with in-depth interviews and analysis and opinion articles

In the first issue of the magazine ‘Empresario’, the front page includes an interview with the new General Manager of Coca-Cola Iberia, Juan Ignacio de Elizalde

CEOE has launched the magazine "Empresario". This new publication, which will be published on a quarterly basis, will address topics of interest to the business world, through in-depth reports, interviews, analyses and opinion articles.

"Empresario" magazine
"Empresario" magazine — ©CEOE

A year after the launch of the digital magazine elempresario.com, the new magazine will provide Spanish companies with a new channel through which they’ll be able to explain their proposals, with the aim of improving the economy and their competitiveness. "Empresario" will closely monitor reforms, taking into account that the country is part of a European context that is becoming more and more global.

In the first issue of "Empresario" there are interviews with executives from different sectors such as the General Manager of Coca-Cola Iberia, Juan Ignacio de Elizalde, the president of ADigital, Carina Szpilka, and the president of HP for Spain or Portugal, Helena Herrero, among others. It also analyses current issues such as the digital revolution, the new obstacles to globalization, the constant changes that corporate tax has suffered during the crisis and it includes practical information on how to invest or export to countries such as Argentina or Saudi Arabia.

The new publication includes articles by the president of AENA, Jaime García-Legaz, who analyses the challenges of the Argentine economy; by IESE University of Navarra Professor, Eduardo Martínez Abascal, who analyses data and solutions for public spending problems, and by Jorge Sicilia, Chief Economist of the BBVA Group, and Julián Cubero, an economist at BBVA Research, who analyse globalization and protectionism by pointing the spotlight at the USA.


First interview to the new General Manager of Coca-Cola Iberia

The General Manager of Coca-Cola Iberia, Juan Ignacio de Elizalde, states in the front-page interview that "99% of what we sell in Spain is manufactured here" and he explains that his company has 4,500 employees, 11 production plants, a network of distribution and generates 80,000 indirect jobs. "I work with the Spanish team and the bottler so that Spain may continue to be a leader, an icon for the company worldwide," he says.

The first issue of the magazine “Empresario” is 140 pages long and includes 10 in-depth interviews, 10 opinion articles, 10 reports on national and international economic news, info graphics that can help understand the Spanish and international economies, the supplement “En datos “ (In data terms), which is 12 pages long and contains graphic information, and a Business News section, with 23 pages of photographs.



The editorial of this first issue is written by the President of CEOE, Juan Rosell, who explains that "through these new means of communication we will be direct witnesses of the decisive moments that Spain is facing". And he points out that the new editorial project seeks to "contribute, through transparency and analysis, so that the SMEs of the 21st century have access to the necessary means to also become medium and large companies, by adapting to an international environment that is increasingly more competitive, and with pressing threats such as protectionism. "