04 oct 2017

CEOE discussed in Parliament the EU priorities ahead of the Brexit

CEOE, within the framework of the European Union’s Commission, organized a joint meeting with Congress and the Senate’s Mixed Commission for the EU on the current status and priorities of the European Union and the latest developments in Brexit negotiations.

EU priorities ahead of the Brexit in the Spanish Parliament
EU priorities ahead of the Brexit in the Spanish Parliament

Led by the President of the Mixed Commission, Soraya Rodríguez, the President of CEOE’s Commission for the EU, José Vicente González, and CEOE’s person in charge of relations with Parliament, José Sánchez Llibre, the meeting had two main goals.

The first one, to highlight the need to make progress in the integration of the European Union through the strengthening of the European single market in its various aspects, among other issues. The second goal, to point out the opportunity to simplify the European Union by legislating less, better and in a more stable way, as well as to make it more business-friendly.

With regards to the current state of negotiations on the UK’s exit from the EU, CEOE's Economic and European Affairs Director, Bernardo Aguilera, stressed the urgency of accelerating negotiations on the exit agreement, with the aim of enabling an agreement on a transitional period that would give companies enough time to adapt to the new situation.

Finally, the subsequent debate with the President and the spokespeople from the Mixed Commission for the EU led to the conviction that a more dynamic European Union would be synonymous with a stronger and better Europe.