29 oct 2016

CEOE congratulates Rajoy following his election as President

Request to the parliamentary groups to act responsibly and exercise dialogue in order to address pending reforms

The Spanish Confederation of Employers’ Organizations, CEOE, congratulated Mariano Rajoy following his election as President of the Government at the investiture session held today in Parliament. His election marks the end of more than 300 days with an acting Government, an unpredecented situation of temporariness that did not allow continuance of the measures necessary to strengthen the economic recovery.

Mariano Rajoy at the investiture session
Mariano Rajoy at the investiture session — ©Pool Moncloa / Diego Crespo

Therefore, it is of utmost importance for the new Government, headed by Mariano Rajoy, and for the rest of the political parties represented in Parliament to be aware of the fact that they have to make up for lost time and start working with responsibility and through dialogue and negotiation in order to implement the pending reforms.

Spanish entrepreneurs are aware of the political complexity at this particular point in time and, therefore, we offer our full cooperation in the search for agreements that may enable the establishment of an agenda of reforms to improve the competitiveness of the Spanish economy, contribute to its growth and foster job creation.