14 nov 2017
CEOE, BusinessEurope and CBI

CEOE at the meeting held by BusinessEurope and CBI with Theresa May

The vice president of CEOE and President of its Commission on the European Union, José Vicente González, insisted on the urgent need for the United Kingdom to clarify its proposals and set a feasible transitory period, during his participation in the meeting that the European Business organization “BusinessEurope” and the Confederation of British Industry, CBI, held today with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, and with several ministers at the official residence of the UK’s Head of Government in Downing Street.

CEOE, BusinessEurope and CBI with Theresa May
CEOE, BusinessEurope and CBI with Theresa May — ©CEOE

José Vicente González pointed out that setting a feasible transitory period is essential to convey a sense of legal certainty to companies, while the type of future relationship is being agreed. At the same time, he agreed with the proposals from the European business organization, who asked May to make real and specific proposals before the European Council on the three key or critical points that are hindering advances in the first phase: the price to be paid for the exit, the rights of citizens and the border with Ireland.

The President of BusinessEurope, Emma Marcegaglia, at the end of the meeting with May, stressed the concern felt by European companies due to the slowness of the negotiations and the lack of progress with only a month to go before the decisive European Council Meeting of December 14 and 15. At this Council meeting, the EU will decide if the potential trade agreement can be negotiated.