22 feb 2018


The president of the Confederation of Business Associations of the Balearic Islands (CAEB), Carmen Planas, has been appointed as vice president of CEOE’s International Relations Commission. Planas stated that she accepts the post “responsibly”, highlighting her “personal commitment” with the goal of  “supporting the needed process for companies to become international in an increasingly globalized world”.

Carmen Planas, appointed as vice president of CEOE’s International Relations Commission
Carmen Planas, appointed as vice president of CEOE’s International Relations Commission — ©CEOE

The president of the Balearic Islands’ Employers Association stressed that "I will work in favour of Spanish companies, also those in the Balearic Islands, keeping in mind that the ones that need the most support are mainly small and medium-sized companies, SMEs ".  Planas underlined that "there are business opportunities outside of Spain for most companies, regardless of their size and their activity sector, and we need to make every company aware of this possibility and encourage them to take the appropriate steps through strategies and plans, with help and support from CEOE ".

"Awareness on how important it is to open the company to other markets to be competitive is key and we need to understand that internationalization is one of the fundamental pillars of business differentiation and one of the main sources of productivity"; for this, "it is essential to increase our export base, diversify markets and increase the added value of our products ", concluded Carmen Planas.

The main tasks of CEOE’s International Relations Commission, presided by Joaquim Gay de Montellà (president of the Catalan Employers' Association-Fomento del Trabajo Nacional) consist of providing support to the internationalization of companies, following up on Spain and European Union’s Commercial Policy abroad, as well as on policies regarding Development Cooperation, in addition to proposing initiatives that encourage the presence of Spanish companies in foreign markets.

The Commissions, together with the Councils and the different CEOE departments, study and discuss sectoral, economic and labour policy issues and their opinion serves as the basis for actions CEOE may undertake.