26 jul 2018
Labour issues


The social agents and the Ministry of Labour have resumed the negotiating tables that will dictate the future of social dialogue and they have agreed, among other things, to create several working tables that will get to work over the summer with the aim of closing an agreement before the end of the year.

Meeting CEOE, CEPYME, UGT and CCOO with the Government
Meeting CEOE, CEPYME, UGT and CCOO with the Government — ©CEOE

At the meeting held by the presidents of CEOE and CEPYME, Juan Rosell and Antonio Garamendi, the general secretaries of unions UGT and CCOO, Pepe Álvarez and Unai Sordo, and the Labour Minister, Magdalena Valerio, some of the most important conclusions reached include the creation of a table to fight the underground economy with the aim of tackling Social Security and fiscal fraud.

Magdalena Valerio, the Labour Minister, was the first one to speak to the press following the meeting: " We are establishing a table for social dialogue. It is essential that we start working on a series of important issues for our country. This cannot wait until September."

For his part, the president of CEOE, Juan Rosell, said in his statement to the media after the meeting that, in his opinion, it is important to create a dialogue table on the issue of professional training, "since training in general is not working as it should."

He also said that "it is very important to have a serious talk about the issue of the underground economy “.  Rosell said that it could help improve the state of the public coffers: "It is a problem in Spain, let's try to reduce the weight of the underground economy on the GDP by a few points.  We could fight the public deficit and debt".

The president of CEPYME, Antonio Garamendi, also stressed the importance of the fight against the underground economy, stating that "we are in favour of overall consensus, we want these measures to last a long time".

After holding the first Social Dialogue meeting with representatives from both groups, the minister endorsed the request made by employers and unions to fight against the underground economy with the creation of this table, in which the Ministries of Economy and Finance will take part.

In the Fourth Agreement for Employment and Collective Bargaining reached a month ago by employers and unions, the Government was urged to intensify the fight against the underground economy. Valerio recalled that fraud to the Treasury is fraud to all Spaniards.

This is the make-up of the dialogue tables that got to work starting today and that will continue working throughout the summer:

TABLE 1: Employment and labour relations

  • Working group on labour relations 
  • Working group on the quality of jobs
  • Working group on the prevention of occupational hazards (they will talk about mutual health insurance companies and absenteeism, with a report on the latter to be prepared and presented within a maximum period of six months).
  • Active employment policies and employment protection systems (there will be a complete review of current contributory and care benefits).


TABLE 2: Training and professional qualification. They will work in coordination with other ministerial departments.

TABLE 3: Social Security (The system of contributions, pensions and the Toledo Pact will be addressed).

TABLE 4: Equality.  They will work in coordination with the Government’s Vice President, Carmen Calvo.

TABLE 5. Table to fight the underground economy.  The Ministries of Economy and Finance will participate at this table.