19 sep 2018
CEOE’s European Union Commission


The Secretary of State for the EU, Luis Marco Aguiriano Nalda, participated in the meeting of CEOE’s European Union Commission to discuss the priorities of the European agenda in the coming months, within the framework of the "Citizen Consultations" program from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.

Comisión Europea CEOE

In his speech, the Vice President of CEOE and President of its EU Commission, José Vicente González, stressed that if the EU aims to achieve actual results, it would be advisable to focus on implementing proposals with the most potential to increase competitiveness (digitization, internal market and trade policy), as well as those that speed the EU's capacity to react (simplification of the regulatory framework and quicker decision-making process). This was a message in reference to the speech on the State of the Union delivered by the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, on September 12, which marked the start of the European political year. In this sense, the Vice President of CEOE regretted the clear complacency in economic matters that transpired from Juncker's speech, whereas he would have preferred him to refer to the improvement of competitiveness and the business environment as real priorities to close the current European legislative mandate.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of State for the EU, ahead of the upcoming European elections (in Spain scheduled for May 26), stressed the importance of strengthening EU’s values ​​and founding principles, since a Europe without values ​​is like a budget without figures. In particular, he described the coming months as fundamental for conveying and giving voice to Europeanist discourses in the face of the rising Eurosceptic movements.

Within this context, with regards to the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU, he claimed that it has been a kind of vaccine against "Euro-pessimism" and that it has served to demonstrate the importance of the unity of the EU. Therefore, he added that these immediate months, from the European Council in October and up to December, it is important to negotiate an orderly exit for the UK without harming European goals or the interests of Spain, which implies safeguarding the integrity of the European internal market and the indivisibility of its four freedoms.

In the discussion with CEOE members, the Secretary of State for the EU was informed of the need to minimize the consequences of Brexit and to agree on a transitory period of adaptation, as well as to define an ambitious framework for the future post-Brexit relationship; that includes not only the commercial front, but also provisions on topics such as fishing, connectivity, or security and defence.

Regarding the next MFF, Luis Marco Aguiriano said that the European Commission’s proposal is currently being negotiated both at the Council and at the European Parliament, with plans for it to start on January 1, 2021, already without the United Kingdom. Therefore, a negotiation on how to redistribute the budget in the various programs without British economic participation is one of the main points.