10 may 2017
CEOE CEPYME Business meetings

Banco de Sabadell’s Chairman highlights the profitability of their business model

The Chairman of Banco Sabadell, Jaime Guardiola, highlighted the profitability of their business model, which has led his company to become the fourth Spanish banking group, during his speech on "the transformation of Banco Sabadell" at the CEOE-CEPYME Business Meetings that were held today in Madrid, with sponsorship from Cuatrecasas and Hewlett Packard.

The Chairman of Banco Sabadell, Jaime Guardiola
The Chairman of Banco Sabadell, Jaime Guardiola — ©David Mudarra

During his speech, Jaime Guardiola focused on three fundamental aspects: the evolution of the bank, its digital transformation, and the profitability of its business model.   On the one hand, he explained the great transformation of the Bank based on a roadmap that made it go from being a domestic bank that specialized in companies to becoming a global bank.  To draft this roadmap, the bank used a series of three-year master plans. Thus, he mentioned the Optima Plan, which took place between 2008 and 2010; the so-called CREA plan, from 2011 to 2013 and the Triple Plan, between 2014 and 2016. All of them have led the bank to take that leap into internationalization and to promote the transformation from three essential angles, namely the commercial side, the balance and the production model. He indicated that the jump in size occurred within a difficult context for financial institutions, as the sector was greatly affected by the crisis and had to make a huge effort of cleaning up and restructuring. 

During this period, Sabadell has managed liquidity and capital proactively to reach the current comfortable levels.  With regards to the digital transformation, he emphasized that it had become a key differentiator and an effective lever for long-term profitability. He noted that it had taken on a very practical approach and a shared leadership between Business and Media. This has led to a notable advance in their retail banking while they have still been able to maintain their traditional leadership in corporate banking.

During the third part of his speech, he pointed out that Sabadell's business model is profitable, since the bank is a strong corporate banking franchise, it provides high-quality service and the model includes a relationship philosophy in which the customer is the epicentre. Jaime Guardiola was introduced by the president of CEOE, Juan Rosell, who gave a brief summary of the speaker’s professional biography. The meeting’s closing speech was delivered by CEOE’s General Secretary, Ana Plaza, who thanked the CEO of Banco Sabadell for this participation as well as the event’s sponsors for their help.