06 sep 2016
B20 Summit

CEOE attends the B20 Summit

Representatives from CEOE and several Spanish leading companies from the telecommunications, finance and energy industries, among others, travelled to the Republic of China to attend, on September 3 and 4, the B20 Summit in the city of Hangzhou.


The purpose of this Summit is to present to the political leaders of the G20 twenty recommendations on employment, finance, trade and investment, infrastructure, development of small and medium enterprises and anti-corruption matters, in order to boost growth in the major economies of the world and generate jobs. The G20 Summit, attended by political leaders, was held on the 4 and 5 September in the same Chinese city.

The Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations, CEOE, actively participates in the B20 working processes, both directly and through the B20 Coalition, which represents the interests of the major business organizations of the G20 members. The G20 is made up of the nineteen most powerful economies in the world, plus the European Union. Spain participates as a permanent guest country.

About the B20

The B20 Coalition brings together leading independent business associations from the G20 economies and advocates on behalf of more than 6.7 million small, medium and large enterprises. The Coalition serves as a worldwide platform of national business communities and its aim is to develop common positions on business issues.