Who we are

Since its inception in 1977, CEOE represents and defends the interests of Spanish entrepreneurs. It brings together, on a voluntary basis, most of the self-employed entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes and from any sector of the economy throught its base associations, which are networked within 240 employers' organizations.

CEOE is the main interlocutor representing Spanish companies before the Government, the different Public Administrations, trade unions, political parties and internacional institutions. In Europe, CEOE is an active member of BUSINESSEUROPE, witch brings together bussines associations from all European countries.

CEOE's mission is summarized as follows:

  • We are an open, participatory organization that fosters growth and employment.

  • We encourage entrepreneurship and business values and we have a code of ethics and good practices that enables us to be even more transparent in our management.

  • We maintain continuous dialogue with the social, economic and political actors, providing solutions to major challenges.

  • We make proposals to enhance our economy and the competitiveness of the Spanish economy.

  • We defend the market economy, the competitiveness and internationalisation of Spanish companies, free competition and corporate social responsibility.

  • We promote market unity at a national and European level.

  • We encourage technological innovation and research in companies, the information society and entrepreneurial training, as well as environmental sustainability and protection.