What we do

The Spanish Constitution , in its Section 7, acknowledges that employers' associations hace an essential representative function in the defence of their legitimate interests within the framework of collective agreements with the other social agents.

Hence, CEOE representatives sit on the main bodies of the Spanish Public Administration whose activity affects the business world. In addition, it also participates in the main international entrepreneurial organizations.

CEOE fosters the development of projects related to the general objectives it promotes, such as encouraging an entrepreneurial mind-set and entrepreneurship per se, promoting a greater presence of women in corporate management, or showing to society the decisive role of enterprises in economic progress.

Through its Commissions and departments, CEOE also carries out an extensive technical effort, preparing studies, reports, informative notes and other types of documents in which it analyses the main features of economic regulation pertaining to the economic, labour and social aspect of companies, developing proposals to support the interests defended by CEOE.